Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 highlights

I tried to keep a blog to remember my kids as they grew up, but turns out taking care of three kids doesn't leave much time for blogging... add a full time job and really I don't have time to blink.

To sum it all up this year has been nothing short of amazing. Within the first few days we welcomed Ms. Kaylin Ava into the world and she is our sweet little Bailey Boo. The boys love her and she loves them. They annoy her, and she is just starting to fight them back, she still doesn't walk but she cruises around the furniture and the moment you turn your back she crawls to the kitchen to get the cat food or the bathroom to get the cat's water bowl. Ry went to pre-school for his second year and now knows all his letters and knows how to read. He's so smart and keeps us on our toes. Colton is the sweetest most loving two year old you'll ever meet. He's almost potty trained but his obsession with the ipad can be a major distraction and causes some accidents.

The boys say such funny things every day and I haven't been able to post them in this blog like I originally planned. Luckily I have time to jot down quick quotes in Facebook and through my "get old statuses" app I can get some highlights of the last year

12/27/12- I asked ry to tell auntie Katie what he got for Christmas. He told her he got two bows and arrows. I asked him "what's that big thing in the middle of the living room?" thinking he'd tell her about the jeep. He said "a big mess"

12/30/12- Rex asked Ry "who takes care of you?" Ry said "I take care of myself!" so Rex told him to go to the store buy food, get a job to buy a house or live in a cardboard box. Ry asked why people live in a cardboard box and Rex explained of you don't have money you live in a cardboard box. Ry said "jack in the box's parents don't have money so he lives in a box"

1/30/13-Ry and I are watching tv and he says "I don't like them, I don't HATE them but I just don't like them" I told him that he needs a reason for not liking someone because it will hurt someone's feelings. He said "well the reason is I just don't like them. Is that a good reason?"

2/24/13-I asked Colty today "who's cute and naughty?" he said "Ry-ry!" and Ry's response "NO! I'm just cute"

3/3/13-me: Colty, what do you want for dinner? Colty: dessert

4/4/13-Rex was playing w a pirate and said "arrrrgh I'm a pirate" Colty said "noooo that not pirate, he a nice guy!"

4/30/13-Today I got home from work and heard Ry in his room and a "clink clink clink" I asked him what he was doing, he said "putting money in my piggy bank" I went to the kitchen to do some dishes, and I came out and still heard "clink clink clink" we don't have THAT much change laying around so i went to see what he was doing and saw that he had emptied an entire bank on the floor and was filling his big one, I told him "buddy, you shouldnt play with money it's dirty" he said "I know Mommy, but I'm putting all my money in this bank so I can give it to you and you can buy a new car" what a sweet boy, I DO need a new car

5/4/13-Colty heard the Mexican ice cream cart jingle by, he yelled, "that's tinker bell! I'm gonna go catch it!"

6/19/13-Rylan points to our CO detector and asks what it is, Rex tells him it's a CO detector and Ry asked him "what does it do? tell us when zombies are coming?"

6/24/13-Me: Colty did you poopoo in your diaper? Colty: nooooooo Me: what did I tell you about not lying to Mommy? Colty: I not lying!... I kidding

8/14/13-Ry said, "if tick toc croc didn't swallow the clock, he'd just be croc"

8/21/13-Me: were you good today? Ry: :::nods yes::: Me: do I need to call auntie Melissa and ask her? Ry:... Well... I was halfway good

8/24/13-Watching Alice in Wonderland, Ry says of the white rabbit "he sounds like Mr. Smee!"

9/16/13-Ry: do you know why ghosts are scary? Me: no, why? Ry: how should I know! You're the scientist!!!!

10/5/13-Rex was up on the roof cleaning the gutters. Colty stood on the ground screaming up at him, "don't jump daddy!!"

10/27/13-Colty is STILL awake and he said "My teacher said I don't have to go to bed" I told him I'd ask his teacher and she's going to tell me she didn't say that and he's going to be in trouble... oh yeah he doesn't have a teacher 

11/4/13-I sing "Hush Little Baby" to the kids every night... Ry asked me tonight "why does the mommy keep buying all this broken stuff?"

11/29/13-Ugh. Hid my bag of black Friday Toys R Us purchases in my closet and Ry sounded it out "tooooyyyysss r us, toys r us?! What's in this bag? Is it for me???"

12/31/13- I just made some popcorn and immediately the boys jumped up and asked me for some. I said, "no this is mommy only popcorn!" Colty said, "no mom! This is BOY popcorn, don't eat it! It make you sick!"

Also I'm remembering that this year Ry was naughty again (like always) but Santa didn't put coal in his stocking. (Last year he colored on Mommy and Daddy's bed with a black sharpie on Christmas Eve, Santa filled his stocking with coal and hid his real presents for him to find if he said he was sorry) This year his stocking was filled with toys and Ry said "I TOLD you Santa isn't real!" I said "what do you mean? didn't you get what you wanted?" he said "yeah! he didn't give me coal! and I was a naughty boy!"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The joys of having pets

This morning I was cooking breakfast in the kitchen and the boys were playing outside while Kaylie played in her exersaucer. I heard Rex yell to the kids, "Ry-ry! Colty! Meowzer caught you a lizard!!!" Meowzer has been known to bring us "presents" if we get mad at him or if we run out of his food. (We figure he thinks we're struggling to feed ourselves, thats why we can't feed him so he brings some food to help out)

I thought to myself "ugh I SOOOO don't want my kids playing with a dead lizard" I figured they'd look at it and poke at it with a stick, as boys and grown men tend to do. A few minutes later Rex came in the kitchen and said that Ry and Colty were playing with a lizard. "Are you kidding me? it's alive?!?!" Apparently Meowzer really DID catch a lizard.

Meowzer was sitting on the grass and called out to Rex. Rex went over to see what he wanted and saw that he was holding a small alligator lizard under his paw. When Rex called to Ry and Colty and they went running Meowzer released the poor little guy and he tried to escape. Too bad for the lizard Ry caught him. The boys held him and carried him around the yard for a while, until I called them to come in for breakfast. Ry said he wanted to keep him and I told him he had to put him back in the grass so he could go back to his mommy and daddy. Ry said "but he IS the daddy or mommy!" so I told him that he better put him back so he could get back to his babies, and Ry still didn't want to put him back, so I tried to get Ry to understand that he wouldnt want someone to take his daddy away from him and never let him go. That message hit home so he put him in the grass to wash up for breakfast

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My sweet boy

The other day I came home from work and heard a *clink clink clink* coming from Ry's room, I asked what he was doing and he said "I'm putting money in my piggy bank" I went to do dishes and when I was finished I heard some more *clink clink clink* I went into his room and saw that he had a pile of change on the floor and was putting it in his big piggy bank. I said to him, "Buddy, you shouldn't play with money, it's dirty" he said, "I know Mommy, but I'm taking all the money out of my little bank and putting it in my big one so I can give it to you and you can buy a new car."

Back in November I was rear ended and my car got totaled, since then I've been driving Rex's old pickup truck and I had just been thinking that I needed to get a new car soon since summer is coming and the A/C isn't the best.

These kids just make life worth living with the little things they do and say. Just this afternoon the ice cream cart went walking by jingling its bells. Colty said "thats tinkerbell! I'm gonna go get it" and went to run outside. We're going to Disneyland next weekend and I asked Colty who he wanted to see there, he said "Minnie Mouse, I'ma kiss her"

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rylan ponderings

Ry was sitting on the toilet looking at a blister on his hand. He asked if he ripped the skin off would it grow back. I told him it would take a few days but his hand would grow some new skin. He then asked, "how come if I cut off my arm, I can't grow a new one?" I didn't want to get into details with stem cells and all that so I said that arms are too big and he can't grow new bones and an arm needs bones. Then he said "If I was a starfish I could grow a new arm"

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa is watching

I thought that for at least the month of December when our elf on the shelf was around, I'd be able to threaten Ry and Colty with "Santa is watching you, so you'd better be good" Rylan was in complete disbelief and he's always bad and I can't get him to listen EVER... So I thought I'd get smart and get the iPhone app that has Santa call you when they're naughty.  There is also a feature where the kids can call Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas. This morning I had Ry call Santa to tell him what he wanted and Santa said "I know you've been good this year" Ry turns to me and said, "SEE!!! I told you he can't see me!!!" because anybody knows that Ry has NOT been good this year. LOL

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm such a mean mommy

In preparation for my spa day on Sunday, I epilady'd my legs. (for those of you who don't know the epilady is a hair removal device that has these spinning tweezer things and I use it in between waxings) I dumped the removed hair in the toilet and the next morning when Ry saw the hair he asked why it was there. I told him that Mommy cut some hair and put it in the toilet. He looked up at me and said, "is it because I play with your hair?" I felt so sad for him, he looked so sad and guilty.  He's always playing with my hair and getting his sticky fingers in it and it drives me CRAZY.

This halloween Rex and I dressed up as hippies for a party we went to. We of course were sporting the traditional peace sign necklaces. Driving home on 101 the other day Rylan shouted out "LOOK A HIPPIE!!!" I of course did not see any hippies in the middle of the freeway. Yesterday we were making that same drive and at the same spot Rylan yelled again "LOOK A HIPPIE!!!" this time I notice that we're right next to Autobahn Motors... a MERCEDES dealership. I guess the Mercedes logo DOES look like a peace sign... Also anyone with an afro is also a hippie in Ry's eyes.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Who's the boss?

Meowzer was sittig on the fireplace when Ry told him, "GET DOWN"I looked at him with a look that clearly said "who says you're the boss?" He looked right back at me (as Meowzer jumped off the fireplace) and he said, "I'm Meowzer's mommy so I telled him to get off"